Can we rely on artificial intelligence?

Article by Sylvie Gamet initially published on Forbes France on 11/11/2019 Artificial intelligence (AI) is a field that leaves few people indifferent and activates the wildest fantasies, both anxiogenic and utopian. So much so that it is difficult to form an opinion. We met Renaud Allioux, co-founder and CTO of Earthcube, a leading French start-up […]

Companies: how to use and monetize your data?

Full translated version of the article originally published in Forbes France on 11/1/2019 under the title “La Valorisation Des Datas En Entreprise, Comment Faire?”. In the digital age, many business models are being questioned and redefined according to new rules. Among these new rules emerges the monetization of data, personal or not. So is the […]

Call for sustainable innovation !

Article translated from the original one written by Sylvie Gamet and published on Forbes France on 12/09/2018. Whether we are citizens, employees, entrepreneurs or politicians, daily, two speeches seem to clash on communication channels. On the one hand, you find the innovation supporters urging you to innovate. On the other hand, people who want to […]

Intrapreneurship: large companies are not start-up


Article written by Sylvie Gamet, CEO of Nowall Innovation, originally published in French on Forbes France on March 15, 2018 Large companies, faced with the difficulty of innovating, try to promote intrapreneurship – a term that sounds like a miracle recipe – often packaged in an “intrapreneurship program” or “internal innovation contest”. Is this a […]

Future of companies: Engage in real networking to move forward

Companies are increasingly aware that it becomes difficult to innovate and remain competitive by persisting to work alone on strategic developments without external interactions. Some have therefore engaged in open innovation processes by strengthening partnerships with various external organisations, with varying degrees of success depending on the approach maturity and sincerity. Like superheroes, it is […]

“Paradise Papers” : are intangible assets guilty? 7 ways to control them.

After the “Panama Papers”, the “Paradise Papers” case highlights the well-functioning practices of tax evasion and tax optimization. These practices are regularly based on intangible assets (patents, trademarks…) management strategies. This article proposes best pratices to manage those assets and become more transparent about them.

Tomorrow innovation will be based on empathy

innovation empathie

Translated from the article originally published in Forbes France on 08/21/2017 Many experts compete for the podium of the best qualities to develop in order to innovate better. In a pocket handkerchief you will find for example, innocence and boldness, the ability to detect opportunities and needs and to respond to them the best you […]

Start-up: 15 tips you can learn from Macron’s breakthrough

You surely know Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected President of France (little country in western Europe where people are grumpy, love wine and pastries). Well, whatever you think about the man or his government program, you can at least concede that he made history by accessing the power as an outsider while he was totally […]

Start-up : About to file a patent? Who is its owner?

Filing a patent is often recommended to protect an invention. Generally it induces an investment of around 4 to 5 k € the first year. Without dwelling on the steps of patent filing, it turns out that a crucial issue is sometimes treated too lightly: Who should be the owner of the patent? The start-up? […]