Strategy and management

It is easier to innovate when not having your nose to the grindstone,
but you cannot manage your company the nose in the wind either!
Compromise is: you continue your routine and we tell you when it is interesting to look up.

The first concern of a company is getting into performance. This often results in the optimization of the organization and compliance with quality standards. Only once all is set as clockwork, it is common that the ability to innovate is reduced because of so well oiled processes that have not been designed for innovation in the first place. Without appropriate innovation management, the ratio “R&D investment / value created” increases drastically because tested innovations rarely reach the market. And those who succeed have low added value for customers and differentiate some competitors.

However, this is not inevitable. You can invigorate your real capacity for innovation. Develop an innovation strategy and management process allows the company to:

stratégie et des processus de management de l’innovation

Increase the value created by your R & D and marketing investments.

Stand out from competitors and enhance your image towards your present and future customers

Find managerial dynamics that favor intra-entrepreneurship among your teams.

Therefor, you have to set your innovation strategy and its implementation at each level of the company, through the dissemination of a culture, the adaptation of processes and management methods. Like any process, the process of innovation management is the subject of monitoring and continuous improvement.

Our proposal

We help you develop your business thanks to innovation, in several ways :

evaluating the ability of your business to innovate : diagnosis and possible developments to gradually integrate innovation process

stimulating innovation, through technological and competitive watch, evolution of management methods, animation of working groups, creative sessions, functional and value analysis sessions (multi-disciplinary, multi-actor)…

defining an appropriate innovation strategy, according to the means and aspirations of the management team, and structuring your innovation path

defining a strategy for the protection and development of your intellectual property rights

identifying innovation and development projects (products, services, partnerships, organization…), formalizing them, validating them

identifying ways to integrate an “open innovation” strategy in line with the company’s vision.

We assist you in the strategic and operational management of innovation:
  • Project audit and development strategy, according to their nature and the company’s vision
  • Implementation of a technological and competitive intelligence
  • Strategy of diversification or differentiation (products/services)
  • Innovation marketing, market research, business plan
  • “Outsourcing” of innovation with a timeshare engineer to conduct a coherent innovation policy (watch, proposal, implementation, project management, etc.)
  • Identification and negotiation of partnerships (R&D, industrial or commercial) in France or worldwide: communication, validation of interest with market experts, potential licensees identification, assistance in negotiations, support to contracting and transfer, monitoring contracts and their implementation
mission classique - mission évolutive Nowall Innovation

Depending on your needs, we propose 2 mission frames :

standard consulting mission

specified subject, on quotation

evolving mission

through a sharetime engineering mission


You choose a flexible solution (a specific number of days within the duration of your choice, you can stop at any moment). The frame of the mission can accomodate to deal with your evolving needs, your projects shifts… This is part of innovation, right?

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