Nowall innovation

About us

Our priority is your development through innovation, that is necessary for the sustainability of your business.

Nowall innovation was created with a unique purpose, to carry the spirit of innovation to companies and to assist, to support the implementation of their strategy by integrating the best conditions and adapted practices.Innovation involves risks, by definition. It is therefore useful to limit those risks by enjoying the support of experts and proven methods to go faster, with less stress.Innovating consists also in having a comprehensive understanding of problems that the company meets, covering the financial , legal, commercial, organizational, human and technological areas.Nowall innovation proposes:
  • the establishment of an innovation strategy, now: “NOW all” innovation!
  • the consideration of your problems in an integrated way: “NO WALL”. One cannot lead an innovative approach by partitioning the economic, legal, technical, commercial, organizational and human aspects. The essence of innovation is to link all angles in a smart way, let alone the social, environmental and sometimes political ones!
Tell us about your situation :
How do you develop your business ?
What challenges are you dealing with?


  • Diagnosis and identification of possible development paths
  • Definition of a custom innovation strategy to grow one's business
  • Technological and competition watch
  • Generating ideas, creativity sessions with appropriate methods
  • Characterization of innovative concepts / projects, selection of the most relevant
  • Planning of actions for innovation, identifying resources

Innovation management

  • Structuring innovative projects
  • Operational management of projects, from the idea to the market
  • Research, negotiation and implementation or commercial partnerships
  • Change management
  • Coaching of project managers
  • Employees training
  • Supporting creators / acquirers and intrapreneurship

PI valuation & innovation dissemination

  • Analysis and optimization of R&D project portfolios and Industrial Property (IP) portfolios
  • Definition of an innovation protection strategy, setting up entry barriers
  • Definition of a dissemination strategy
  • Technology transfer (licensing in or out)
  • Innovative (patents, trademarks, software, applications, websites....)


Graduated in Systems Engineering and Innovation from the INPL (Polytechnical national Institute of Lorraine, France), Sylvie made a 13 years career in business consulting (organization and HR, assets management, innovation management and IP valuation) and has more than 7 years experience in entrepreneurship.
Passionate about innovation and endowed with a global vision of business issues, Sylvie created Nowall innovation.

Besides support in the definition, implementation and support of the innovation strategy, she has developed a specific expertise in technology transfer, technology sourcing and  financial valuation of intangible assets (patents, trademarks, softwares, web and mobile applications, websites. ..), in the context of capital contributions, equity, fundraising. technology tranfer, assignment of IP rights…