A start-up project ?

You need a sparring partner ?

You created a start-up or are about to do so ?

If the success of a start-up relies mostly on its founders, you still have to validate your business model and to plan and do numerous and various actions to reach your (ambitious) goals.
You have to mix in a really smart way technologies, management, organisation, strategy, marketing (or growth hacking), financial, tax and legal aspects.

Facing all this, you may feel alone or desperate to achieve whatever goal you have in mind.

We cannot do all this alone… and in a perfect way.

First thing to decide is to delegate and learn to be helped!

Nowall Innovation can help you, with flexibility.

For example, if you are a foreign company willing to enter the European or French market:

Dealing with IP and legal matters

Validation of the product / market fit, business model, business plan,

Setting up a basic management organization to develop serenely your activity

Helping you to integrate useful business networks

Filing demands for financial aids

Research of partnerships in France, Europe or beyond

Negotiation support

Dealing with IP and legal matters

capitalistic strategy to optimize fundraising

Fair value assessment of the contributions to the company (like developed website, application, software, patent, trademark, editorial content, databases …), partnerships, contracts, know-how, tradesecret, etc.

We also work with a network of experts on these matters. 

Our partners can get involved in the following actions:

  • website, video, communication strategy, translations…
  • research of French or European fundings 
  • supporting the internationalization,
  • accounting,
  • tax issues,
  • trademark , patents, designs / models registration
  • protection of business secrets or trade secrets
  • copyright, including ensuring authorship,
  • creating subsidiaries (typically SAS or SARL) with the legal formalities,
  • partnership agreement,
  • non-disclosure agreement (or “NDA”) to protect innovations in discussions with partners,
  • general conditions (online or offline)
  • license or use agreements (particularly for software or devices containing software) …

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