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Our partners

Nowall innovation works closely with various partners.

We can recommend you, according to your profile and your problem:

Lawyers specializing in leagal matters such as business, intellectual property or tax.

Patents and trademarks attorneys


Specialists in innovation financing


Virtualegis is a legal consulting firm founded in the late 1990s by Pascal ALIX, lawyer and data privacy correspondent. Virtualegis advises companies, mainly in IT and intellectual property (software) legal matters with colleagues specialized in complementary fields as well as with foreign correspondents in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Virtualegis is our referent in the field of IT law, database and private data management. Our partnership enables us to best support companies in the digital domain by combining the technical, managerial, financial and marketing tools, that characterize innovative projects, with legal tools.

Me Alain GEUS is a specialized lawyer, pioneer in his field of expertise, which is the protection of know-how and trade secrets.
His clients are located in France, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Seekence is a consulting firm based in Lyon (France), specialized in innovation, licensing, entrepreneurship, higher education.

The Seekence group was created by Arnaud CATINOT in 2014. Arnaud has more than 15 years of professional experience in entrepreneurship, innovation, technical and economic intelligence and intellectual property. He has worked as a public and private environment manager.

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