We wondered how we could share our enthousiast for innovation and creativity…And we got an idea ! Nowall propose to boost your creativity skills at work with 52 actions, that is 1 action per week during a year. This is free and there is no obligation!

We cannot develop creativity skills overnight. To get gradually more creative, you should develop an open mind to be able to embrace opportunities you do not usually see. You have to learn to generate and consider your ideas, to share them, with no fear at all…This needs an important personal work, to model your behavior towards more creativity and let’s also tell …more fun!

That’s why we had the idea to offer a fun creativity trail, without any stress, that stands in 1 challenge/ simple action to achieve per week.

You can do it alone or involve your team in the journey !

To take this journey, you just have to subscribe here and you will get by email your weekly challenge to help you gradually develop your creativity skills : http://eepurl.com/b3jSA9.

See you soon and tell us how you enjoy (or not) your journey!