Call for sustainable innovation !

Article translated from the original one written by Sylvie Gamet and published on Forbes France on 12/09/2018.

Whether we are citizens, employees, entrepreneurs or politicians, daily, two speeches seem to clash on communication channels. On the one hand, you find the innovation supporters urging you to innovate. On the other hand, people who want to impulse more civic responsibility are declaiming “Let’s be more responsible!”, showing the last scandals chasing the former ones, as witnesses of our inexorable end. Waltz of modern times turning in endless circles without never allowing to glimpse the outro.

Although the association of innovation and responsibility does not seem at first sight contradictory, it appears that the preachers of one or other side have often incompatible objectives …

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Intrapreneurship: large companies are not start-up


Article written by Sylvie Gamet, CEO of Nowall Innovation, originally published in French on Forbes France on March 15, 2018

Large companies, faced with the difficulty of innovating, try to promote intrapreneurship – a term that sounds like a miracle recipe – often packaged in an “intrapreneurship program” or “internal innovation contest”. Is this a real way of transformation or a muddy and chaotic road?

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